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The good news is that now, you  can restore balance to your system with just one daily capsule of Maxxiprob. Specially formulated for stability, there’s no refrigeration required. 100% vegan and dairy-free, Maxxiprob features an advanced targeted-release capsule technology that protects the probiotics from stomach acid, delivering them to the intestinal tract where they are needed. Get a healthy boost of beneficial bacteria every day, with triple-action Maxxiprob!


Direction: Take one Capsule Daily.


Serving size: 1DRcaps™Acid Resistant Vegetarian Capsule
 Amount Per Serving
Lactospore® Bacillus coagulans2 Billion viable cells*
BioOptima™ Saccharomyces boulardii1 Billion viable cells*
Bifidobacterium lactis BI-04™1 Billion viable cells*
Fibersol-2® prebiotic dextrin fiber100 mg*

*Daily Value not Established



Once-Daily Probiotic

  • Promotes Digestive & Immune Health
  • 3 Clinically Researched Strains
  • Acid-Resistant, Multi Source Formula
  • Restores Digestive Balance


Maxxiprob Once-Daily Probiotic is the natural way to build and maintain optimal digestive and immune health. Maxxiprob features three potent, clinically researched probiotics for a triple action that simply can’t be matched by the leading single-strain supplements.


Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that live in your intestinal tract, where they perform important function for balancing digestive and immune health. Unfortunately, probiotic levels can be depleted by diet, age, stress and medications. That can lead to digestive imbalance, and can have negative effects on immune function.


Pharmaxxi Maxxiprob Once Daily

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