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Our Story

As the world evolves, and technology becomes more advanced, life becomes more complex, and all this has its toll on the human body and mind as it has to adapt. This is where Pharmaxxi comes from. In a 21st century in Capital of the East Cost of the United States of America, a fast growing city where the rhythm of the day is both fast, and productive. In 2006, a group of young pharmacists and leaders in the business, with a compound experience in the market of over 20 years, decided to join forces and start up a company that would begin with distribution of products that would combine most aspired for: An excellence of wellbeing and optimum healthy living through its line of innovative formulae varying from weight loss, and digestive system detoxification, to sleeping aids and mood enhancers.

It then broadened its markets and started a journey to Europe and the Middle East, to the metropolitan city of Dubai. From distribution to manufacturing in heart of Western Europe, Pharmaxxi’s brand seeks to provide people with supplements that would improve their bodies, moods, relieves them from stress and pollutants, and help them achieve their goals in weight loss while boosting their energy, through over a 1000 distribution channels and business partners and suppliers expanding all across the globe from Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia, and a multitude of products from pharmaceutical to para-pharmaceutical product lines.

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