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Cells Micro Cluster

Medigraft™ is a disposable procedural kit designed for the mechanical processing and disaggregation

of a biological tissue sampling to be used in the field of regenerative medicine and

surgery. Thanks to a micro rotating system with the motion of the helix and counter helix present

on the internal grid of the device, the sample is gently dissociated into regenerative tissue units,

obtaining a highly viable cell product suitable for infiltration into the injured tissue.

Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 1.20.13 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 1.14.06 PM.png


The Medigraft™ technology does not use enzymes to break up the tissue, but thanks to a gentlemechanical action, the collected tissue is disaggregated into Cellular Micro Clusters with highregenerative capacity.


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